The School and ELCC has worked hard over the past year and during lockdown to develop two new policies. We have consulted our community of families, staff and pupils and taken our time to ensure that we are happy with the content. These policies will be embedded into the school procedures to ensure a consistent approach for all pupils. Please take time to read them to enable you to understand fully our Health & Well-Being Approach and how we support all pupils in Positive Behaviour Strategies.
I have two very important announcements:
  • As part of our work with Rights Respecting Schools I can confirm that the School and ELCC has been awarded Rights Respecting Schools Bronze status this week. This is just the beginning of our journey and we hope to continue to develop this area to work towards a Silver Award.
  • Today was the first “Dojo Time” for the session. This happens every two weeks. I can confirm that no pupil at Antonine PS lost any Dojo Time over the past two weeks and all pupils enjoyed their full 25 minutes of this special treat. This is a testament to the hard work of staff and pupils in embracing our new restorative approaches. This was no simple task considering 210 pupils have returned from over 4 months of not being at school and have settled well and displayed our school values for everyone to see.
A very proud Headteacher today!
Jacqueline McLaughlin