All About Us
Antonine Primary School was originally built in 1988 and has had three extensions to the school building since then. We have a beautiful indoor and outdoor environment for our Early Years children including a dining room.
The school has a purpose built gym hall, an extensive library, a nurture room as well as 9 classrooms. We have a multi-purpose room called "The Hub" and love our outdoor space. We have a large playground with a climbing frame, outdoor library and large class teaching area as well as a loose parts play area for outdoor learning. Our extensive grass area contains a fairy garden, orchard and lots of space to play and explore.

The school has 206 pupils in school and 48 pupils in the ELC.

School Staff
Headteacher                              Mrs J McLaughlin
Depute Headteacher                 Mrs C Casey
Principal Teacher                       Mrs M McFarlane

Primary 1ME Mrs L McGuire (M, T & W) Mrs G Easton (TH, F)
Primary 1Y    Mrs N Young
Primary 2      Mrs M McFarlane (M & T) Mrs G McBride (W, Th & F)
Primary 3      Miss A Stevenson
Primary 4      Mrs A Todd
Primary 5      Mrs B Gillespie
Primary 6      Ms S Bradley
Primary 7D   Mrs L Dowds
Primary 7M   Mrs R McManus

Support and Challenge Teachers     Mrs K Aitken (M, T & W), Mrs C Ashcroft (TH) 
P.E. Specialist (Thurs/Fri)           Miss J Fountain
Music Specialist (Mon)               Mrs L Strang
French Specialist (Wed & Fri)     Mrs C Ashcroft

Woodwind Teacher (Mon)           Ms E Brown

Clerical                                      Mrs L Matheson
Support for Learning Assistant  Mrs E McConkey
Support for Learning Assistant  Ms S Little
Support for Learning Assistant  Mrs C McDonald
Support for Learning Assistant  Mrs L Welsh
Janitor                                        Mr J Miller

Kitchen Staff    Mrs D Peat (Breakfast Club)
                        Mrs D Fyfe
                        Mrs S Irvine
                        Mrs M Welsh
                        Mrs J Richards

Cleaning Staff   Mrs J Richards
                         Mrs A Mallet
                         Mrs E Learmonth

ELCC Staff
Senior Early Years Officer   Mrs N Majury
Early Years Officer              Miss D Slicer
Early Years Officer              Mrs H Hughes
Early Years Officer              Mrs L Clubb
Early Years Officer              Miss E Allen
Early Years Officer              Mrs S O'Holleran
Early Years Officer              Mrs L Robertson
Early Years Officer              Ms D Harvey

Support for Learning Assistant  Miss T Snedden

School Hours
P1 to P7
School Day: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Morning Interval: 10.30am - 10.45am
Lunch: 12.15pm - 1.00pm

Core Hours: 8.45am - 2.45pm